De syv dødssynder (2022)

I love the music of composer Kurt Weill.
Doing Jimmy in his Mahagonny is one of my greatest experiences as a performer.

I did Brecht’s and Weill’s De syv dødssynder/Die sieben Todsünden in concert years ago in Tivoli and this time we are doing a stage performance, a co-production between The Royal Theater and Dansk Danseteater.

I will sing the part of The Father.

Later on the production will take me to Montpellier National Opera.

I sing The Father/Faderen on the following dates (2022):
May: 15, 21, 25, 27
June (2022): 1, 4

Tickets & more information:–de-syv-dodssynder

Photo: Det Kgl. Teater